About Me

Francine Berru healing sobadora, has been working professionally as a health care practitioner and the healing arts community for over 15 years.


Las_Cruces_Massage_TherepistsA Healing Sobadora is a person who massages your body with the intention to heal. All Healing comes from God and I’m blessed to be the vessel.

I’m now back to healing massage and body work. I also want to say “Thank you” all so much for your prayers and patience following the death of my beloved grandmother Consuelo E. H. Lujan October 16, 1915 – November 22, 2011.

Body Worx and Co. is now open by appointment only from 11am – 8pm at Executive Center II, 345 N. Water Las Cruces, NM 88005.

Initial consultation appointment is required for patients with doctors referral, insurance and MiVia participants 575-386-3995 or 575-524-4588

Francine Berru Sobadora / Native Healer / C.A.H.C.P (Certified Alternative Health Care Practitioner)